About MALAKAT Outdoors

We are MALAKAT Outdoors. The organization is an affirmation of our never-ending adventure with the great outdoors and roads less traveled. We conquer summits after countless hours of trekking, gasp at the euphony of majestic waterfalls, contemplate about life with the eerie silence of a mountain top lake as backdrop, or bask at the serenity of a secluded white beach – and do the same thing again if we would want because the whole experience can never be the same twice. This is because we value friendship as much as we do for the outdoors, our playground.

Mission:Malakat Outdoors is a membership based organization committed to promoting fraternity through fun, safe, and low impact outdoor activities and member empowerment. We also recognize the need to both preserve and rehabilitate our natural resources and are committed as much to the development of the society through socio-civic activities.

Vision: We envision Malakat Outdoors to take the lead in organizing outdoor activities and open opportunities for like minded individuals to meet and enjoy the outdoors together, responsibly.

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