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The first of the many Malakat member features.

Given the crazy schedule that we all have, we rarely get to be up close and personal with our other outdoor buddies. Usually, the best times that we get to know them are through socials during climbs and the fun-filled malakat.outdoors chat conference.

It was Saturday, September 22, 2012, I attended the Malakat Outdoors orientation. She was wearing a pink shirt paired with denim shorts. With her chinky eyes, petite body frame and a nice skin to die for, Odessa also known as Oding strucked me with the kind of glow that no one ever has.
They say that first impressions always last, I thought that this is the type of girl that would challenge a man through her unpredictable, mysterious and not so approachable yet unintimidating aura. Despite that impression, I still thought that she’s girl who’s cute and jolly when the moods are not swinging from north to south.
As we start this awesome getting-to-know way, I sent her some questions through email though I still have to ask if she’s busy since Oding rarely joins us for chitchat at due to some ethical demands

So, to all of you who shared the same impression with Oding, let’s get to know her better.

Name: Odessa Donaire Cabanog
Position (Malakat):  Treasurer
Age: ## – please scratch to see my age 😀
Position (company): eShop specialist

Lalai’s note: Any concerns about eShop, always read the emails sent by your L2’s. Based on personal experience, she’d point that out, you know, busy. lol

Hobbies: photography, facebooking/net surfing, hiking/trekking/climbing/camping, travel

Music preference: alternative, r&b, punk rock, blues

Favorite food: humba, bola2x, lumpia, ginabot, pancit!

Motto: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Why do you love the outdoors?

The outdoors is the place where I can find total inner peace and clear of mind. It is like my natural remedy for stress and problems. I enjoy and love being outdoors because it also makes me feel connected to the EARTH in a simple way of life, meet new friends, and be able to witness the fascinating beauty of nature. There are more to tell but to make this short, I am the type of person who loves  adventure and explorations since childhood and I found them through outdoors.

What have you learned from climbing peaks?

There are actually a lot of things I learned from climbing peaks. But the most important is PREPAREDNESS (i mean, this includes water proofing since the weather at the peak is unpredictable)

Best climb ever?

So far, Mt. Canlaon and Osmeña peak because of the impressive scenic view and side trips.

Oding striking a pose at Mt. Kanlaon’s volcano crater.

Are you with someone right now?

 Hmmm, should I still answer? I guess most of you already knew. Yes, I am. haha

Oding with Boyfriend know to everyone as Ampao 🙂

Lalai’s note: They actually are my favorite couple.

How do you express your thoughts?

By using the KISS principle – Keeping It Simple and Short. haha! I’m not good at talking or expressing thoughts just like now, so just be with it. 😀

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Climbing peaks with the babies? LOL Well of course, everyone dreams for a perfect future, family, home.

What does it take to impress you?

To me, it is not about how many mountains one climbs, how many places one has been to, how many abs one gets, how many bachelors degree or job positions one gets, etc., just be with yourself, stop showing off and quit trying to impress.

My first climb with Oding was at Osmena Peak, and I can vividly remember that night when she helped me cut those overly long Bihon noodles soaked with water. Obsessed with Royal Soda, Oding is intelligent and cool at the same time. Okay, the soda part was off but anyway, who would have thought that a girly looking eShop specialist at work loves adventures and the Outdoors?
We went out for a couple of food trips, thrifting together and just recently, a movie date. I would describe Oding as someone who keeps her walls up but would not make you feel awkward. “Maldita” impression will always tag along with her but she’s definitely nice and all once you get to go up close and personal.

Odessa Cabanog on her trip to Camiguin

Getting to know her might also save you from dodging Malakat Outdoors contribution. Treasurer. lol
I wish Oding the best and I will always be thankful of being able to get through the ‘just acquainted’ phase of our friendship.

Good Vibes, fellow Outdorks 🙂

19 thoughts on “Malakat Features – Odessa

  1. we had a chance to meet your beloved father, Oding.. hahahahah.. lingawa namo oi, naka-timing sad xa ug pangutana namo.

  2. Marie ang ate nang grupo.. si ampao ang kuya? si gege ang lolo? hahaha

  3. two thumbs up to whoever wrote the article ’bout oding. kaila ba ko nimo?? hahaha nice lhai! 😉

    d na malditas oding oi.. hi ding, let’s go to the peak! hahaha

    1. hoi nel kuyog osmena peak traverse to kawasan falls, june 8-9

  4. hahaha…
    ngano naa man marie si oding…
    hinoon ding maldits man jd ang imo dating.
    Pero if kaila mo niya practical lang jd siya nga pagkatao and as a saying goes 1 word is enough for a wise man… some sort of strong willed si oding. pero tan-aw ko mohilak ni siya basta sungogon.


    1. hahaha.. makahilak mn pd ta sa imo comment ge… ahahah!

    2. guhat imong writeup oi! ayaw e.comment! hahahaha.. suya.on jud ka gener! hahahahaha :p

    3. haha! bow! basta guwang jud mocomment makahilak jud tag popcorn. 😀

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