MALAK▲T acquaintance climb batch 1 (team Xternal Trees)

The LalaiGee

Osmeña Peak.

A very cliche spot for frequent trekkers and experienced climbers.. But for those who are proselyte to the outdoor life, having climb the said peak can be very tedious & for some, it can be a humdrum. The 29th of September, we headed to the said place, all geared up.

People from different teams. People with different interests. People who just wanted to get to know other people.


 Bound for Mantalangon. We have to wait for a couple of minutes since the road needs to be ambot gi unsa toh nila 😀

Color blocking 😀

Blue is the color of their energy 😀

 It rained during the socials so we were forced to suit ourselves inside this big tent though not big enough to fit 19 people.

Trivia: This was also the epiphany of the LEAVE NO TRESS humor. <owned it!>

And this is where the chaos starts. The moon is shining, we’re out from the tent.. what more can we ask for?

tagay and tagay alone.

Nothing beats the night with a cold weather, people with smart mouth & alcohol thrown in the mix 😀

 We climb hard but we party harder.

So, the night goes on… It’s pretty odd since it was still around 9pm and it looked like it’s already dawn. Must be the moon was having fun too. People got a little crazy.

Kinsa gani to imong ka batch nga ahead nimo? — Pie

 Akong manghud, bana nako…. — Lucio Tan

& then there goes the outrageous reaction of Jomar & Pie about the little scam Rain blabbed about.


People were shouting and laughing their hearts out. As if there were no other campers around.

And so dusk came…..

A dog came to the camp, messed up the trash, worst, he took our breakfast.. Our ever dearest Adobo breakfast.. Fortunately, by the grace of the trees, his mission failed. <lol>

 Home bound. Sad, but it was a lot of fun.


13 thoughts on “MALAK▲T acquaintance climb batch 1 (team Xternal Trees)

    1. Sa gravatar ka mgilis pao, nya ang email address sa gravatar ang imo gamiton sa imo account dinhi. awa akoa. heeh

  1. spOkO Lai!Looking forward sa atong next boNding guys..
    me and my bff’s hAd fUn!one of the mOst unforgettabLe eveNt in my Life..iriNg!haha!

  2. spoko guys, am happy na nag enjoy mo sa first climb though I wasn’t there, na feel gyapon naku kung unsa mo nag enjoy and am so glad.. sa uulitin..:)

      1. bihaaaaaaaaaaaaa ani nga avatar. wa man ko ni ingon nga nagka gwapa ko. overrated naman nah. nag ka chix ko. hahahaha.

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