Reaching Higher Grounds

The legion of skyscrapers towering Cebu City are proof enough of a desire to always be on top. One way or another, we may admit it or not, each one of us has the burning desire to dominate, to be the first, the champion or the best of everything. Admittedly, I do feel this “alpha complex” sometimes but in a very less aggressive sort of way. From time to time, I try to challenge myself by experiencing new adventures and by going back to those that I failed to accomplish the first time.

We may not be the first to have the outreach program in Mantalongon, Dalaguete but as far as we know we are the first Outdoor club to accomplish a charity climb to provide school essentials for the 100 pupils of Mantalongon Elementary School. Lucky for us, we have our 1&1 family and our ever indulgent teams and the Tribu Padidit to make our buKID– A charity climb successful.

We have beaches near the city but why climb? We have everything nearer to us but why travel and look for more adventure? We are all young and spirited adventurers and always doing our daily routine is so much boring perhaps. That’s why we always find our ways to have fun………..

So much excitement and I feel very optimistic the whole way to our rendezvous. There were 36 heads including guests but we divided the group into 2. We have our company van that accommodated 17 people and all others went to the South Bus Terminal. With enthusiasm and good-humored chitchats, we left the city 9:46am and arrived at Mantalongon Public market around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The almost 4-hours ride brought a change of scenery from the bright city to the cold rainy town. It’s rainy season anyway.

We were couple of minutes behind our itinerary schedule so adjustments had to be made. I lead the strenuous walk with the day trek group since Gege went earlier to the peak with Sir Jun and Ciano. There were 8 who were first thrilled with the muddy trail, rocky uphill and the scattered animal ‘eatch’ along the way. We went back to the market after 30 minutes stay on the peak with all the tired faces, painful mid-calves yet we managed to go down hill. Apparently we just stayed few minutes because we haven’t seen the beauty of the countryside due to the fog. Traydor match kaau ang fog, hebi…..

The slippery and muddy ground walk experience before made me realize that I will no longer wear trek sandals going uphill. Can’t imagine the blister all over my feet. Tagam nako. So I have my first trek shoes from Sandugo Sandals, I saw it in Otrem Noloc and Shopwise but I bought it in Emall cos it is more affordable(30% off).For the record, I will also use it in our Major Major Mt. Apo climb.

I really appreciate how the group cares for each other. Thanks to you who carried my bag from market until the waiting shed. I would assume he is quite struggled because of all the churvaness inside my bag. Things I brought were essentials except for the mirror and other stuff that a lady should bring anywhere they go. It may be essential in some other situation but in a mountain? I doubt. Pa-as if lang gud para mapuno ang bag.

Although everyone were tired of the few hours walk, I can’t deny nga nalingaw sila. Ikaw daw maglakaw uban imong uyab, #HHWW lang ang peg. It would be a great time for lovers to reach out and share things and experiences they’ve had like this. Spending the work day offs exploring the horizon and discovering the spectacular beauty of nature.

We took our few minutes rest then we started cooking our deliciosong adobo and pansit plus walay dukot nga rice nga specialty of our very own master chefs- Dol, Password, Ampao, and Arn. It’s worth climbing for cos we know that when we reach the top, a feast awaits. Piyesta jud sa kaon ug inom!


IMBA. The best term that describes us; the term fit to those who were feeling “too good”. Payter. And as far as I can remember, it was very cold outside and everybody’s wearing their layshosness North Face jackets ug ang dili malimtan nga jackets from UK Carbon(15% off pa daw ingon ni Raj).

Few of us rest earlier but for the record, naminaw ra sila sa among mga hinanggaw. Not to mention those who jam yet no drop or just little liquor touches their lips felt high that time. They may not drink that much, we may be different pero sa tawag ng Tanduay, we are one, we have fun, we are MALAKAT. And if I were to write what happened that night in detail, it will be epic.

There might be instances or opportunities that knocks once, chances that are already given yet for me taking advantage whilst the pot is hot is a “no no”. I don’t want to bluff so tagay is parceled equally sa mga niinom. Definitely, that 4 long neck bottle of Tanduay made me crazy and bashed. I almost forgot how that captivating tandem started. I want to be honest so I don’t want to skip this part. ‘Shann and Fe’.
Mao ni si Shann and Fe…… sugar-coated affair mao sampong sa baba, mapuno unya hulmigas

Yes, I hate to see them together but I can’t do anything. There’s a mutual feeling built and I guess it ended up in a sugar-coated affair. Indeed, my alpha complex burst naturally. It was the second time that we had our meet up but my sentiment of him was like forever. Char lang.

Wasted that I lead Raj to go with me to the peak and the farce of stabbing her with the knife in my tent. Apologies to those who were fussed. It was a record breaking phenomena that I got drunk and repeatedly shout his name and Raj shouting the name of “HAROLD”. It’s the union of homos. It was unexpected, it happened once in a blue moon.










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  1. nagsugod nako… naa nako nabuhat 1 paragraph

  2. hahaha si collita ba, sa pic wala nalingaw sa peak, nag duka. haha

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