Cave Rappelling

Minds are set and all were expecting same scenery- a cold spring beside a cave. Oppss. What to expect when you’re expecting? No matter what we think of, life doesn’t always deliver what’s expected.
BUT we had the most extreme experience. VERY EXTREME!!

A jetty road along the cold spring and a very rigid climb all the way to the top of the mountain to reach the cave. And I thought that it’s easier to trek Osmeña Peak than to go to Mabugnaw-Mainit Cave at Carcar.

While we are on track, old broken statues greeted us along the way. Accordingly, the statues were dropped by helicopters long time ago, when the place was still managed by a nun. It was endorsed to the government of Carcar after the nun died.

All gears are ready and were properly set up. And of course, these are tested by experts in the group.

Everybody’s excited to rappel. First call……………… Melven on rappel and Jonnel on belay. And the rest followed in order:  Rain, Jonnel, Mai2x, Rod, Princess, Sir Jun

Amazing! 50 feet more or less is high however we haven’t feel any tension. Why? It just happened. Perhaps, amazed by the spectacular cave system, tired or excited for the cold spring. IDK.

The group ended having spectators because of our ever bubbly super sexytary Mai2x. Well, thanks to her, she caught attention. Boys came to watch.

The cold spring awaits for our success but we never had pictures. ‘Cos we’re frozen and our boys had fun watching their apple-of-the-eye(women wearing swimsuits).

4 thoughts on “Cave Rappelling

  1. pasuya much, asa man tong first nga pag rappel..:>

  2. ang mga pics ba murag teaser…. Search for the next Rappelling Model hahaha

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