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This is the day that we have been waiting for, our 2nd major climb!!.. We have been planning this event a month before the climb, most of us are excited and some were not able to join because of unfortunate events. This happened last November 17, 18, 19, 2012.

We started our day early, we meet up in South Bus terminal to take a bus to Toledo City. It took us 1 hour and a half to reach Toledo City, because of how crappy the driver drove the bus..too sloww… then from there we took a light shipping to Negros, via San Carlos City.

Here are some photos taken during the trip to Negros, everyone is getting ready to sleep because some of us were on night shift, so we need lots of rest. It took us about 2 hours or less.

Hi this is Rod! about to take a nap.. 🙂

Everyone is getting ready after a few hours of travel, thats mei-mei.

We took a tricycle to the Bus Terminal and waited for a bus to Canlaon, there where so many people waiting also for the bus to arrive. Once the bus arrived, we immediately took our bags and rushed ourselves inside. We can still remember Alain pass through the window to take the seat. haha!

After we have reached Canlaon’s terminal, Jigs our guide also did prepare a multicab for us to ride for the first jump off.

(Sorry pictures are still not yet been uploaded)

So… a few hours walk, about 2 hours we reached our first stop to camp, route is via Mapot – Mananawin. Then dawn came and everyone is getting ready for assault. Here are some photos after we have reached Makawiwili Peak.

We have taken our lunch (packed lunch).

Some of us took some pictures on Canlaons Peak just across the Makawiwili Peak.

Fog is all over the place, it shows how cold the place was. (Mt. Canlaon)

With our banner! From left: Alain, Nash, Oding, Gener, Matet, Mei-mei, Ron, Rod and Ampao

(picture taken in Makawiwili Peak)

Another 2 hours walk from Makawiwili and we have reached our destination.

The first thing that we did when we reached the Saddle is… LIGID sa taman!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It took us 7 hours to reached the destination.

A few more minutes we started to set camp.

Geners tent and the kitchen tarp.

We did took advantage on the good weather and immediately went to Mt. Canlaons Peak. About 30-45 minutes assault.

Another tiring assault. Ampao’s always comes last.

See at the back? Ampao (the guy in red)  is doing his thing again, slacking. haha!

Pictures taken on the Volcano’s crater.


Ampao the slacker.

Looks like she is not afraid. hehe!

A few feet is strictly implemented for safety purposes.

Malakat Outdoors had conquered Mt. Canlaon. Congrats guys!

Night came and everyone is preparing for dinner and getting ready to rest. It rained a few times and made the temperature much colder.

About 8:00 or 9:00 PM everyone is already inside there tents getting ready to sleep, what we can really say is that, damn its too cold!!

Dawn came and we just heard Jigs shouting ” the Sun is about to come out!”

Some of us went out immediately and the others stayed inside, this explains why these are the only ones on the pictures. 🙂 🙂 🙂


And the Sun rises!

And we started to play with the sun!

This is the first time we had fun playing with the sun rise. We are also amazed by the sea of clouds.

Sun is finally up! Here are more photos.

Gwapings 50 years later!


Another group picture…

Once we are done eating breakfast, everyone prepared to trek again. More photos before we finally descend Mt. Canlaon.

And we started walking… another 5 hour trek.

A total of 5 – 6 hours walk and we have reached the end point. There where short delays because Ampao hurt his 2 knees because they say his gor. haha!  and mei-mei accidentally tripped a pipe and water burst out, luckily some local fixed the pipe. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Since we missed our Boat, we decided to take a sidetrip. Last trip was 3:30 PM, so we decided to take the first trip at 5:30 AM.

Here are some photos.

Day have ended and we went to a lodging house to rest and stayed for the night.

Early morning we traveled to San Carlos City, took the first trip to Toledo, we had our breakfast at Jolibee and took a bus ride home.

Hello Cebu City!!!


Photo Credits to ODING

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  1. Congratulations sa Team Kanlaon! Puhon, kabalik ta didto nya kakuog na me ni Rain. 😀

  2. grats guys! every step you take is a MALAKAT step.. kudos to all who’s present.. 😀

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