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  Finally the wait is here! This is our first Malakat Clothing line.

The T-shirts are made for this upcoming Sinulog and also a fund raising for the club. There where few minor set backs along the process of the printing because Ampao accidentally sent the wrong design to the printing press. Luckily the person in-charge of the printing noticed that the design changed. But anyways we manage to sort everything correctly.

Here are some photos after Ampao and Oding went to the printing press to get the T-shirts.


   Mai-mai and Oding where in-charge of sorting out and Ampao was “piko” committee.


After a few minutes of sorting out the T-shirts, we finally group all the shirts for every team and for the individual orders.


We called Rain for more man power and puno sa mag samok2. 🙂 🙂 🙂


The model!

Thank you everyone for the help!

Viva Pit Señor!

We are MALAK▲T and we are also artistic…

4 thoughts on “Sinulog Tshirt – Malakat Clothing

  1. si mai-mai di-i tong naka-white???? hala kadako. abi nakog kinsa.. hahahha PEACE!!!

  2. nice kaayo ang pictures. hahahahahahah pero spoko para sa tshirt nga cool kaayo

    1. hahahaha… huna2 ta para sunod. naa na sila plan, pa print daw ta ug ungoy. nawng sa ungoy.

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