Guadalupe – Kalunasan – Babag (RCPI)

WHERE: Babag, Busay
WHEN: December 1 – 2, 2011

Day 1
01:00PM Assembly Time @ Guadalupe Church, Guadalupe
02:00PM ETD
06:00PM ETA
07:00PM Prepare Dinner
08:00PM Dinner/Socials
11:00PM Lights Out

Day 2
06:00AM Wakeup Call
07:00AM Breakfast
08:00AM ETD (via Roseville Trail)
11:00AM ETA @ Guadalupe Church

Individual Items:
Water for trek (approx 2 liters)
Food for dinner and breakfast
Slippers (not necessary)
Trail food

Group Items:


  • It is suggested that you wear arm warmers or long sleeves to avoid sunburns. Sunblocks for your face (if you are concerned of your skin tone)
  • Bring trailfood that give you energy. Ex: chocolate bars, nuts

We promote responsible mountaineering:

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