Beacheneering at Kalanggaman Islet, Leyte

Kalanggaman Islet, Palompon, Leyte

Situated in the center of high seas, dangerous you might say but the island is a paradise – favored by the gods.  Truly, one would never forget the bliss that the island offers.  The place got its name from the Cebuano word ‘langgam’ meaning bird.  Most people claim that the island is said to be shaped like a bird.  I have to see this in the map myself.

For five hours of voyage from Cebu to Kalanggaman, excitement is painted in everyone’s faces.  When we arrived, the white crystal sand; cool sea breeze and clear divine waters greeted us like they’re saying, “Welcome to the orient life.”  Although the sun was not as excited as the group, but it did not stop us from adoring the place – not even a single moment.

We setup our tents (thanks to Sup Jun) and arranged our belongings to be ready for a long night.  After a while, most of us went strolling along the scenic shore and the rest prepared for our lunch/dinner. (This trip is really good for people aiming to be thinner. Imagine, three meals are combined into one, awesome!)

Sup Aira frying the famous Lumpia

Sinugba prepared by Sup Jun, Arn, Melvs, Ron and Jonnel

Dinner is served – lafangan na!!

Nightfall – time to fill our bellies and enjoy the social activities.  Food was served, tummies were ready and mouths were eager to taste the dinner prepared by the cooks – headed by our Master Chef,  Carlo ‘Ampao’ Amparado.

-the only major light source in the Island

the mighty crab that the couple Mai and Jonnel caught after we washed the dishes

When everything was settled, we gathered ourselves in the middle of the beach and had our socials done.  Of course, it started with the get-to-know game and answer-the-question combos. Everyone participated and laughed together. It was Melven Delima’s mind-torturing games that we had our heads spin and gave a troubled thought – but it was awesome, at least for the few who got the trick.  The night will never be completed without Tanduay, the best friend of ‘Palahubogs’ and I was not an exemption.

Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Whooooooopppp, Johnny whhhoooooooooop! Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny! – we really had a hard time figuring this out!

just look at Rain’s face.. he’s not yet drunk

now this is the most trending topic – “We are not Drunk, We are just wasted”
– OMG what have they done to me??

Morning came and few of us found ourselves still in our tents due to the effects of alcohol.  The rest were busy having the time of their lives in the stunning beach. This time, the sun gave all his glory.  It’s swimming time!

imagine that!

love that rock formation, we wondered who arranged them.. hhmmm.. mermaids? not really

God really is great

witness how magnificent this island is

have you ever seen a goddess? Well, i have seen in front of the mirror.

At long last, Mylene found her ultimate love of her life. – we all hope so. lol

still wasted? lol

choose your bet!

October 20-21, 2012 was absolutely a fun-filled trip to Kalanggaman Island.  Now we are craving for more adventure, this is just the beginning.


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