Bohol Earthquake Relief Goods Campaign

Last October 15, 2013 at 8:12 A.M, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Bohol and affected even the Cebu Province which is hundreds of kilometres away. 222 were reported dead, 8 were missing, and 976 people were injured. In all, nearly 69 thousand structures were damaged or destroyed. It was the deadliest earthquake in the Philippines in 23 years. – Wikipedia


The Relief Operation

Dyan was our rallying cry, initiating the move for a relief operation within the soonest time possible. Everything from there on was a combined effort by everyone.

Every little change helps.
donations for bohol earthquake relief drive
Kudos to Mai2 for taking on an exemplary job of gathering the donations. Cheers to those who donated!
repacking goods for bohol relief drive.
Repacking the goods at Dyan’s place. Thank you for the generous donation Mabaga family. Mylene Mabaga at leftmost.
repacking the rice for bohol relief good.
Everyone helps out to make things easier. Rain and Coleen with the arduous task of repacking the rice.
repacked goods so far.
100 pieces repacked so far. Yay
These goods were sure heavy.
repacked goods for bohol earthquake relief drive.
Repacked goods transferred to our company office at JY square for easy logistics. 1&1 even made more donations then. Thank you 1&1!

Tubigon Port

A frustrating scene at Pier 3 with Lite Jet notwithstanding, we arrived at the port of Tubigon safe and sound. It was then a 30 minute ride to our home for the weekend, the Gudes residence but not before Mai2 unfailingly referred to Dyan as Janine Guadez. Somehow her facepalm moments keep adding up. The trip was a scene straight out of what the newspapers and television stations reported. Devastation was everywhere, some just too hard to rationalize. Multitude of houses laid in ruin and some churches were even worse. Families camped out in open fields fearful of the onslaught of aftershocks.

Everyone boarded save the goods! #litejet #fail
in pier 3
Team Malakat at Pier 3. Melvin takes a brief respite with a photo op. Multicab for logistics courtesy of 1&1. Our most kind driver in white.
Part of Tubigon Port damaged by the earthquake.
Yes they needed those badly.
Everyone: *too shocked to comment*
Mai2: wow
Even the bangko goes top load. On our way from Tubigon Port to the Gudes Residence.
(L-R) Venyljoy, Rain & Ciano

We were determined to reach those in the far flung areas and on our list was Barangay Mabuhay. The distribution went without difficulty as we had the assistance of the barangay officials who prepared a list of their residents. Dyan and Mai2 handed out the goods while the rest of us were contented enough to watch from the sidelines. Our entire effort of grit and spirit was finally completed. We were happy, and so were the residents of Barangay Mabuhay.


Helping a Colleague

With the day about to end, we headed to Barangay Bugang to distribute the last of the goods. One of the affected was our collegaue from work, Gerissa, making the trip more personal for us. The quake tore right through the earth where their house stood, just short of swallowing it whole. The house though still standing was now leaning on a side. The opposite wall to it was now gone and you could see the interior of broken cement, mangled furniture and other debris strewn over. Nearby the surroundings, water which seeped from underneath and emitted fumes was now cooled down and solidified to black coarse sand. If there was anything that the catastrophe could’t put down however, it would be their tenacity to assert their will to live throughout the entire calamity.

Relief Operations in Bohol
(L-R) Arn, Dyan, Mai (looking down), Lara, Gerissa and her mum.


Dinner Feast

Finally done with our outreach we were in for a feast for dinner. Dyan promised us seafoods the week earlier and on seafoods did we feast. After filling ourselves to our satisfaction, those who couldn’t hold it slept while those who didn’t celebrated the night further with a treat from Nikko who was celebrating his birthday that day. We also picked up the Saridon tagline which left everyone on a last song syndrome mood.

talaba in bohol
Delicious talaba.
Kinsay nghurot, tingog palihug…


Sunday, Day 2

Come morning, we were greeted by a sumptuous breakfast of more seafoods! Rain, Jepoy, Arn and Nikko left shortly while the rest of us geared up to visit the relatives of Lara who lived nearby. Lara reacquainted herself with the scenic playground of her youth while we enjoyed the brief trek which was highlighted with butong overload! On a personal note, I hail from Leyte where we have lots of coconut trees so it fascinates me when everyone in Cebu is all up and about for butong.

Seafoods for breakfast!


Mai2 of Malakat Outdoors
Butong makes a happy kid out of Mai2
She just can’t get enough of butong.
Butong in Bohol
The whole gang, thanks for the treat Lara!

And just when we thought that we had the most sumptous dinner and breakfast of seafoods, we had even more seafoods for lunch! A full day of delicious seafood treat. I feel hungry writing this. We spent the rest of the afternoon with everyone busy idling over PVZ2 games and whatnot. The mobile internet slash hotspot of Princess was to our total convenience.


Plaza Tubigon & Cebu

By 4:00PM we prepared to breakcamp only to find out that 4:00PM something trip was already full and that we had 2 hours to kill. We spent that 2 hours at the Tubigon Plaza which I find to be rustic clean and orderly. I honestly slept through it while everyone was yet again, in PVZ2 mode and all. Ruby and Jedward spent the afternoon as new lovers would, cute couple as they are.

Lara and Dyan of  MALAKAT at Tubigon Plaza
Idling the time away at Tubigon Plaza.
Princess in the swings.
Like any child would do it, Princess enjoying the swings.
Jedward and Ruby
Ah, the cute couple right there

We arrived in Cebu in the early evening. What an eventful weekend it has been – one for the memories.

You’re welcome Bohol!
MALAKAT volunteers for Bohol.
(L-R) Melvin, Rain, Jedward, Ruby, Lara, Jun, Venyljoy, Mai2, Ciano, Arn, Nikko, Jepoy in front of the Gudes Residence in Bohol. Not in the picture is Dyan.

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