Cuatro Islas, Leyte ( PICTURES)

MALAK▲T Outdoors

Here are some pictures during the travel.

The destination… We can still remember the Dolphins, and Matet missed the fun. 🙂

Jun at the camp.

This is where the fun starts, the socials…

The other side of rain.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

We spent all night laughing, talking, running on the shore line and planning to officially register the club in the office.

The night will never be complete without the Tanduay and Ice Tea!

END of DAY 1.



This is day 2, we started out early, prepared our food for the island hopping.

Clean and Clear water.

Preparing for lunch.

Rain moves like jagger!

From left: Nadine, Matet, and Oding

Hanging around the beach and playing, we also had our lunch here.

No more pictures taken after we head home, we had a long VideoK session on the port while waiting for  our 10:00 P.M. departure.

End of DAY 2

Home Sweet Home.


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