Mt. Talinis (Cuernos de Negros) Climb Itinerary – 2 Day Expedition

MALAK▲T Outdoors

WHERE: Negros Oriental

WHEN: June 2 – 3, 2012

Route: Bediao-Apolong Route

Day 1
0200 Meetup @ South Bus Terminal
0300 Depart via Ceres bound for Dumaguete
0630 ETA Dumaguete; breakfast; last buy; packed lunch
0700 From Dumaguete take a tricyle to Ceres Bus terminal bound for Dauin municipality .
0800 Get off at Plaza; habal-habal ride to to Bediao Geothermal Site
0830 ETA jumpoff. Start trek
1230 ETA Lake Yagumgyum; Lunch Break
1300 Trek to Nailig Lake
1730 ETA Lake Nailig; set up camp
1800 Dinner / Socials

Day 2
0500 Talinis summit assault
0630 ETA Summit
0700 Head back to Nailig campsite
0800 Start descent
1200 ETA Sulfuric River; Lunch Break at Rancho; 30-minute trek to Twin Falls
1330 Back at Rancho, proceed to Casaroro Falls
1700 ETA Casaroro Falls; sidetrip
1900 Back in Dumaguete

Day 3
0000 ETD Dumaguete wharf bound for Cebu via Cokaliong shipping
0600 ETA Cebu City

2 thoughts on “Mt. Talinis (Cuernos de Negros) Climb Itinerary – 2 Day Expedition

  1. mga higala…. maung adlaw kaninyo…

    mangutana diay ko kong pila bayad ninyo sa inyong guide pag katkat ninyo sa talinis? interesado kaau me sa akong mga klasmeyts.. nindot dyud pati inyong pics…



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